Guitar Wizard

[09.02.05] - With an escort of five beautiful guitars and supported by microphone, guitar synth and P.A., Martin C. Herberg’s concert in the 'Klosterkirche' in Lennep was much more than an appearance by a soloist. It was a journey through ready sound-streams, through tender dreamscapes and films yet to be made.

Exemplary guitar technique and a mastery of modern electronics create a truly impressive sound collage. The trip started with a melancholic story of an unrequited love sung in a quiet and almost tentative smoked gravel voice. In 'Eruptionen', harmonics metamorphosised into chugging chords which gathered themselves and rode away into the American West. In 'Ireland Revisited', you could almost hear the Bodhran accompanying the Celtic interlace of Irish and medieval melody.

Herberg then took his audience on a romantic wild-water journey. With his voice almost hidden in a sound jungle; layer upon layer of echo effects and the sampled (sic) cries of seabirds, he told the story of a river from the bobbling springs to the enfolding arms of the sea. The addition of blues harp, brought with it of wild Rock days. Guitar heroes, drum solos and blitz-rhythm opened a frantic hunt. And the bag? Heartfelt applause for this magic musician.

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